Phenaprin Ingredients, Side Effects & Alternatives

Phenaprin is a relatively new diet supplement that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its impressive features and benefits. It promises to help people lose weight by suppressing appetite, boosting energy levels, and increasing metabolism. While Phenaprin has received positive reviews from many users, it is important to understand the ingredients in the supplement and their potential side effects before deciding whether to use it.

Phenaprin means dangerous Synephrine

Before going further here is the Quick Verdict

The Good: Yes, it seems that Phenaprin is a good fat burner

The Bad: It has potentially dangerous ingredients

Most important Facts:

  1. Phenaprin contains a combination of caffeine anhydrous + bitter orange as its main stimulant. Most people should not have any issue with caffeine. However, the bitter orange extract is known to cause some unpleasant side effects.
  2. Phenaprin contains almost 9 listed ingredients. Some users have reported that the tablets size is too big to swallow.
  3. Since it’s relatively a strong diet pill women should be very careful, it’s advisable to avoid it. Definitely, BIG No for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Phenaprin Ingredients Review

Phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) PEA is a natural chemical compound that is responsible for the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. These neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating mood, appetite, and energy levels.

Phenaprin contains L-Phenylalanin which can help control your appetite so that food no longer controls you! Many struggle to resist when a co-worker drops a dozen fresh donuts on their desk. You want to pick one up. Phenaprin can give you that self-control you need to say no to unhealthy foods.

L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that acts as an appetite suppressant by releasing an intestinal hormone called cholecystokinin which signals the brain to feel satiated after eating.

Side Effects of Phenaprin

Phenaprin is a weight-loss supplement that is marketed to help people lose weight and increase energy levels. However, it is important to note that Phenaprin contains synephrine, a compound that has been linked to serious health risks.

Synephrine is a stimulant that is similar in structure to ephedrine, a compound that has been banned in the United States due to many reported heart attacks and strokes.

Synephrine (bitter orange extract) is not a dangerous component. However, when combined with Caffeine it acts like Ephedra!

While synephrine is not as potent as ephedrine, it can still cause serious health problems, especially when taken in large doses or for extended periods. Studies have shown that synephrine can increase blood pressure and heart rate, which can put individuals at risk for heart attack.

Caffeine also can cause headache and jitters. It’s not suitable if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Phenaprin also contains L-Taurine & L-Carnitine as supportive ingredients. Additionally, it also contains few essential miners and vitamins

Phenaprin V/s Phenaprin XR

Phenaprin XR

Phenaprin XR (Xpress Release) is marketed as ‘stimulant free’ fat burner. It contains no ‘caffeine’, so no jitters. So, if the original version isn’t suitable this could be your consideration.

It has Glucomannan, a natural fiber which expands in your stomach to curb appetite. It also has black pepper extract provide thermogenesis effect without raising heart beats.


Umbrella Arum Seed Powder (Glucomannan a dietary fibre), Lithium (as Lithium Orotate), Black Pepper Fruit Extract.

Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 Capsules, Servings Per Container: 60

It can cause few side effects like upset stomach, constipation and pee-burn. (i.e feeling mild burning sensation in penis tip or vaginal track) due to black pepper.

Phenaprin Customers Review

I used this product for weight loss. I used the regular Phenaprin for the first month. Took one in the morning and one before lunch. Didn’t notice anything. I haven’t lost any weight. Have actually gained a couple pounds. So the next bottle I ordered with my 20% discount, I got the XR kind instead. I think they have been decreasing my appetite somewhat. I haven’t weighed myself since I started the XR kind, I want to give it a good month or so to see any progress.

Amy @amazon

I just got this today & took one pill. So I can’t speak to its efficacy regarding appetite/weight loss yet. I will update my review in about a month for that. What I can say is my stomach started cramping within 20 mins of taking it & I got pretty nauseous. made me so drowsy I had to take a nap. Which is very much opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Hopefully these effects go away with continued use. I’m really glad I started on the weekend & not a day I had to work. That would’ve been a problem!

jade @amazon

Better Alternatives.

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