Can I lose wight with Venus Factor program?

The VenusFactor is an interesting body sculpting program designed for women. What is really interesting is the fact that this program is created by men which makes it really unique. One of the creator John Barban is a super fitness model who regularly appears on Men’s Health Magazine and Brad Pilion is nutrition expert and full time body builder. Together these 2 guys have created a body transformation program for females!

Does that make sense?

Yes, indeed!

Most of the program created by others are made with glamour and sex appeal so, they contains very little useful information.

What is VenusFactor?

The point of this article is not to review the program in detail. You can visit sites like or to read/watch reviews in great detail. I was just wondering why women love fitness program created by men!

Is this a weight loss program?

No- no chance at all. This program is not for people who wants to lose some pounds. Ofcourse, following this course will make you burn excess body fat, but that is not the reason this system is designed for. It’s for hourglass figure (aks the perfect feminine shape)

Does it gives result?

Well, you have believe it. Just watch the video below to see the actual result. Pretty insane – isn’t it?

What are the additional benefits?

They run Venus body transformation contest few times in a year. And the reward is upto $10,000. So there is lots of motivation to try and stick to VF